Making and demonstrating beeswax candle wick, soaps, lotion bars at renaissance festivals in Texas and Ohio. Showing at the Ohio, Scarborough and Texas Renaissance Festivals.

Handmade Beeswax Candles & Cosmetics

Our beeswax candles begin with our handmade all natural wicking


Wicking is the secret and most important factor in making our beeswax candles stand apart from all others. For this reason it should be explained and shown before the actual candles it brings to life.


       From our Irish heritage and tradition, we use mullein and other herbs combined & shredded with hemp stalks to make our wicking. This material is then stripped, cut and waxed all by hand. Next, we hand braid or twist each wick to the appropriate width for the size of candle in which it is to be used.


       We use a family method of making wick, passed down for generations and improved in the last thirty years to burn even better. We’ve created our own blend of herbs for use in our wick. We offer our wicking in its raw state or braided at a premium. Our wicking is made, waxed and stripped completely by hand.


 The size and strength of this style of wick makes beeswax burn brighter, longer and better, allowing for many additional benefits from each candle.


A modern description for the wicking and candle would be to consider beeswax the fuel and wicking the engine of the candle. The wicking, or engine can last many times longer than the fuel. Our braided wicking can burn up to 10-15 times longer than the wax in the candle, our twisted wicking up to 10.


The benefit in this is that you can extend the life of your beeswax candle to near the life of the wick by ‘feeding’ the candle. Feeding a beeswax candle is the same principle as adding more fuel to your oil lamp. The wick burns on but the fuel is now re-filled. By adding beeswax to the wax pool of your candle when the flame gets high, rather than trimming and wasting good wick that has not yet burnt up, you extend the life of your candle.


Since it is all natural and only waxed in pure beeswax our wicking promotes the smokeless & soot free properties of a pure beeswax candle. The beeswax soaks up into the wick and fuels the flame which means the strong natural wick only burns a small amount, usually when lighting, extinguishing and when the flame gets too high. This is why beeswax does not smoke or soot and why a pure natural wicking is needed to make a truly great candle.


Our handmade wicking goes in every pillar, votive, jar, tea-lite and candle we sell with the exception of tapers and the occasional custom candle to fit the patrons needs. For those few exceptions we use an all-natural cotton braid wick.

Our all handmade wicking is used to make all but one style of our candles. Even votives, tea-lites, outdoor & jar candles contain our handmade wick.

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