Handmade Beeswax Candles & Cosmetics

Wick, Beeswax & Craftsmanship combine to make the world's best candle.


Beeswax is the core raw material used in our trade. Like the wax chandlers of old, we focus on the purity of the beeswax as a primary goal in our work. Most everything in our shop is either made from beeswax or made for use with our beeswax crafts.


We create many different styles and kinds of candles but all share a few common traits. Every candle we create is handmade and unique and all but our tapers contain our handmade wicking. Most styles of our candles are explained on this page. A few are pictured here and around our web site. Every candle we offer for sale has an average burn time listed on it.


Dripped - Our dripped candles are either molded, rolled or hand built pillar candles with beeswax dripped and poured over it until it is built to the right size. This method also leaves the dripping effect of old style built candles made in ages past. These candles have the modern advantage of centuries of skill. Being solid and pure they burn better than any built candle of the past ever could while still having the same beauty.


Dipped - These candles are molded, rolled or hand built & dipped pillar candles. These are built by dipping into the wax repeatedly. This creates a smoothing even effect over most of the candles surface, though every one of these candles has a unique drip or swirl.


ColorScapes - These candles are pillars made with a natural wax splashed with another natural or colored wax, creating a beautiful color swirl effect. Every one of these is also unique and they vary greatly in what is available. We only offer these exclusively at shows.


Cracked & Shattered - Carved, packed, rolled, shattered and sculpted again, these candles look like mineral fractures and barks.


Ribbons - Carved and sculpted by hand at different temperatures, each one is unique work of burnable art with its own character and lighting image.


Raw Candles - Naked and all natural, these candles go straight from the mold, to the cooling board, to you, with no added aesthetics.



Sculpted - Pumpkins, fruit platters, flower pots, mushrooms, and many other styles of beeswax candle creations have been done over the years, with many more to come.


Jar Candles - The polluted scented candle market of the modern world has made a definite change in the art of chandlery. People want easy to maintain and container candles, and many more want their candles scented. Our jar candles are our solution to these modern needs. We use tempered glass jars with screw on metal lids to house a handmade wick and beeswax candle. These jars burn many times longer than their alternative wax counterparts, and of course, do not smoke, soot or drip when made without added oils.


Scented Jar Candles - Our scented jar candles have the same quality wick with a few special differences. Considering the smokeless properties of beeswax and that it burns hotter than other waxes, serving as a fuel, people generally cannot easily scent beeswax candles properly. We have invested a great deal of time and research into making a viable and quality scented beeswax candle. Using the finest fragrances, essential oils, herbs, botanicals, compounds, oils and resins we can acquire we have created a line of herbal blended fragrances specifically designed for use in beeswax. This keeps even our scented candles almost completely smokeless and soot free while releasing a soft fragrant odor for the life of the candle. Every single fragrance is our own recipe and blend. Every jar candle is brewed from raw material by us, the oil, the dye, the wick & wax. The only thing we do not make is the jar and the metal wick tab.


Tea-lites & Votives - Even these everyday candles are special with us. Every candle has a handmade wick and is hand poured. Our tea-lites can burn for 5-7 hours and our votives up to 15.


Tapers - These candles are hand dipped on a dipping pole, usually with a cotton braid wick.


 Every candle we offer is handmade and all natural. Colored pillars are a solid natural candle dipped or dripped in the colored wax. We make the fragrance, wick, dye and wax ourselves, all by hand from our own raw materials. We know of no one else who offers  beeswax candles like ours.Wax Chandler Video Demonstrations  "Wax Chandler Product Demonstrations - Scarborough 2008" "Wax Chandler Product Demonstrations - Scarborough 2009"

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