Handmade Beeswax Candles & Cosmetics

Natural organic beeswax is the core of our candles & cosmetics


We only use pure adulterated cappings wax for our candles and raw wax sales. Our beeswax is organic and is derived from our own hives or our exclusive controlled sources. As varied in appearance as any of nature's elements, beeswax ranges in colors from light yellow to gold, deep browns, reds or even greens.


In its raw state, the hive wax (not the cappings) contains leftover honey, honey comb, bee parts, pollen and propolis throughout the hive. Beeswax in this state is used for many different crafts and purposes. Some types of raw candles are made with this wax; also, wood, metal and leather workers will often use this less expensive raw wax. When burned in a candle, this type of wax can smoke which is why we use the cappings for candles and cosmetics.


 Beeswax can be used to make your own balms, salves, creams, polishes, candles & more for the bath and kitchen. Crafters keep beeswax for strengthening thread, waxing zippers for easy glide, water proofing shoes, tents, wood, boats, leather and hundreds of other uses. We include some interesting facts about beeswax below.


We filter, pour and brick this wax from its raw state into 1 ounce to 5 pound bricks with some varied shapes and designs. From there we use the bricks to add to our wax melter and pots for our various crafts.


Beeswax is non-toxic, does not smoke, drip or soot. Many people with asthma, allergies and breathing conditions can actually enjoy our candles rather than have them aggravate their condition.


Beeswax burns many times longer than most other waxes used in modern candles.


Beeswax candles do not create soot, do not smoke and do not drip when properly maintained.


Upwards of 160,000 honeybees consumes as much as 10 pounds of honey to produce a single pound of beeswax.


The honeybee flies the equivalent of 7-10 trips around the world to produce just one pound of wax.


Beeswax, when secreted by the honeybee, is odorless. It is during the storage of the beeswax within the comb, after mixing with honey, pollen, and propolis that it takes on its naturally sweet scent.


Beeswax does not deteriorate over time. Usable beeswax has been discovered in tombs of ancient Egyptians and on shipwrecks deep under water.


10 flowers contain 1 drop of nectar - 1 bee can carry 1 drop of nectar - 10 drops of nectar yield 1 drop of honey - 10 drops of honey equals 1 drop of wax - 1000 flowers yield 1 drop of beeswax


The spectrum of light emitted when burning a beeswax candle is identical to that of sunlight. Paraffin and other candle flames emit a chaotic light spectrum similar to an incandescent light bulb.

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