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Beeswax Soaps

Our beeswax soaps come in two forms and are designed to leave your skin refreshed & clean. Our soaps lather in hard or soft, hot or cold, water and are designed to moisturize. Our soaps are priced by the pound, hand cut, and weighed by the bar, just like the deli.


Our beeswax soaps are our own blended soap with beeswax, shea butter and goat's milk  as the emulsifiers. They are made with many different natural fruits & oils. Every soap contains beeswax, shea butter, goats milk & oatmeal, plus tea tree, lavender, lime fruit & patchouli essential oils for their cleansing, fungicidal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, astringent & infection preventing qualities. These are all in addition to the fruit & essential oils used to bring our soap its dominant fragrance.


Cosmetically, we play with our soaps; being handmade and free poured, every soap looks a little different from the last batch but the ingredients are the same in every batch.


Our soaps are a decadence item. We designed the best quality soap we could make without regard for the price. Designed to leave your skin refreshed & clean, they lather in hard and soft water. They are designed to soften the skin rather than dry out, and you will never want to get out of the bath.

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Sunshine (citrus/spice)


Red Hot Cinnamon - (Warm and sweet cinnamon, thick and rich with spice)


* Soap priced by hand cut weight to approximate size. Your price will be adjusted to exact weight/price before you are charged.

Beeswax, Goat's Milk, Shea Soap


Our base soaps are made with Beeswax, goats milk, shea butter, oatmeal, tea tree, lavender, lime and patchouli in every soap. Fragrant and delightful we use natural essentials and high grade fragrant oils which make up less than 3% of these soaps. Online soap orders are slightly over-weight in the customer's favor to offset your shipping cost. Soap bars do not come in an exact size, your soaps will often come in larger chunks to cut down to your liking. For scent/style descriptions scroll further down this page.


$39.90 lb.

African Black Beeswax Soap


Our Beeswax African Black soap, made with beeswax, potash, cocoa pod ash, (non-destructive renewable resourced) palm oil, & shea butter, is one of the best moisturizing soaps you will ever use. Soap sizes will not be cut exact and your cart will reflect the maximum amount you will be charged. Prices will be adjusted to reflect the chunk of soap you get before your order ships. For scent/style descriptions scroll to the bottom of this page.


$59.80 lb.

April Skies (clean & fresh)

Black Rum

Coconut Cream

Blue Mountain Bayberry - (Rich mountain aromas with sharp bayberry brew a distinct and bright fragrance like an autumn to winter mountain forest.)

Dragon's Blood

Dragon Mint (tea tree & peppermint, antiseptic properties and soothing mint *This soap will give you wonderfully cool sensations in the more sensitive area's of the body.)


Frankinrose (olibanum frankincense with rose)



Green Tea - Light, sweetened young green tea leaves.


French Lavender (with a French 40/42 steam distilled essential oil)


Lemon Sage

Monkey Love

Lemongrass & Spearmint (Jamaican lemongrass with a hard hit of spearmint)

Pumpkin Spice

Naked Unscented

RedRum -

Pink Sugar (Cotton candy, vanilla, & fig)

Summer Sangria (wines & fruits)


African Black Beeswax Soap

Deep Africa - Desert meets jungle with deep earthen forest herbs & woods. Woody, slightly spicy, with over tones of musk and rich resins.

Beeswax Soap - Storage & Care - Click here for our Storage & Care PDF



Our traditional beeswax soap can last longer than many store bought soaps with the proper care. We offer the following suggestions for care to prolong the life of your soap and make your experience with our crafts as pleasurable as possible.


It is very important when using bar soaps, especially ours, that you do not leave your soap in standard soap dishes, plates or bowls or even plastic and ceramic dishes with fitted strainers. These trap moisture which is absorbed by your soap like a sponge, causing it to eventually disintegrate.


Always keep your soaps that are in use on a thin wire rack, with as little surface touching the soap as possible and open air below, above and on all sides of the soap. You will be impressed at how well this tip works.


Store any soaps not in use in wax or paper wrapper in a cool dark place.

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