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Basic Beeswax Lotion Bars - Lotion in a Bar

Our basic line of lotion bars contain the same four base ingredients as our premium & organic bars. The added essential oils and fragrance in some of these bars are there for the reason that they smell pretty first. These bars are 95% to 100% natural.

Our organic line of lotion bars contain the same four base ingredients as our premium & basic bars. The added flavor and essential oils in these bars are all organic and food grade. These bars are 100% all natural.

*Every third bar (of our lotion bar, premium lotion bar or body butter (in any combination) is $4.00 off.


We are the original lotion bar makers having our family recipe going back more than three generations. Our most popular product, just rub our lotion bar in your hands like a bar of soap. The lotion feeling on your skin will be absorbed by the skin in about five minutes, less with rubbing. Your skin will not feel greasy at all, yet you will feel a soft as silk for the rest of the day with no need to always apply more. We use only our own high quality ingredients, no other lotion can compare to hand-made personal crafted quality & ingredients. Our lotion bars contain beeswax, sweet almond oil, cocoa-butter & shea butter as their base ingredients & less than 1/8 ounce of fragrance / essential oil per bar. They contain no water, glycerin, alcohol etc.


Use on the face, hands, elbows, knees, legs, feet, anywhere you would use a lotion, moisturizer or beauty cream. Keeps working calluses strong but soft to the touch, helps ease callus removal, softens skin, moisturizes, helps protect skin from the elements, drying, cracking or chaffing. Use for massage, as a moisturizer, a makeup removal lotion, cracked heels & more. All of our beeswax lotion bars & body butters will typically outlast 15 or more large 32 oz. commercial bottles of lotion, most people use one or two bars for over a year.


We currently offer two price ranges of our lotion bars. This, our basic line, which has oils inside that are designed to smell nice and be fragrant are unlike other fragranced products. We use the most delicate and natural items to make our fragrant blends. The goal here is even those sensitive to fragrances or with allergies and other conditions can enjoy our products. For the most part, if it is not in our fruit bowl, herb closet or spice cupboard, we do not want it as a fragrance.


For those who still do not want to risk any fragrance, we have our naked unscented bar. It contains only the four base ingredients and has no smell at all. We even deodorize the cocoa-butter.


Our basic bar Flavors are:



April Skies (Clean & Fresh)


Black Rum


Coconut Cream


Dreamsicle (orange/vanilla)


Frankinrose (Olibanum Frankincense with Rose)


Green Tea - Light, sweetened young green tea leaves.


Lemongrass & Spearmint (Jamaican lemongrass with a hard hit of spearmint)


Lavender Vanilla (Washington blue lavender with Madagascar vanilla bean)


OMG (oh, my grandmothers kitchen)


Pink Sugar (Cotton candy, vanilla, & fig)


Red Rum


Summer Sangria (Wines & Fruits)


Vanilla Bean (Madagascar vanilla beans)




Lotion Bars & Body Butters - Storage & Care - Click here for our Storage & Care PDF


Our beeswax lotion bars & body butters are known for lasting far longer than bottled and liquid lotions as well as other solid lotions and creams. With proper care and storage it is very easy to keep the bars from losing their fragrance or effectiveness even over long periods of time.


Whether you use your lotion every day or once a month, keep it with you or leave it at home on your lotion table or beside the bed, you should always keep your lotion covered. The wax and oils can collect dust that falls onto the bar. This dust could then be added to your bar and eventually it could degrade the bar. If they ever do get left out and collect dust, simply wipe it down with a paper towel.


We recommend storing your lotion bars/body butters in a covered candy dish or a simple plastic traveling soap case. These cost $1.50 or less in most drug stores, and we offer them at our shops and online. Any type of closed container will do. There is no need for it to be completely air tight, just keep the dust off and in a cool place. PLEASE KEEP YOUR LOTION BARS AND BODY BUTTERS OUT OF YOUR PUPPIES REACH!



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