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Our lip butters contain: Shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, mango butter, sunflower & natural flavor oils, coconut oil, & stevia as a sweetener. They are meant to be a moisturizer first and to taste wonderful second. The only reason you will use our lip butter more than once a day is because you love the taste.


Tube $6.00 each.

Though lip balm itself is technically only a little over 120 years old, the idea of natural lip glosses and softening oils applied to the lips and skin dates back thousands of years. We have combined the modern with the old by making our all natural beeswax lip butters with the finest old world ingredients. No modern chemicals or preservatives are used, every flavor is all natural, handmade by us, from real wines, fruits and liquors.


Available in tubes, our lip butters are treats for the lips, mind and soul. They will bring a smile to your lips and are second in addictive properties following our lotion bars. Forget the smell, modern lip balm manufacturers put chemical perfumes and artificial flavors in their products. The goal is to trick the mind into tasting what it is actually smelling. Though many of our lip butters have a fabulous scent, they derive that fragrant aroma from the fabulous flavors of the natural essential oils, fruit oils, wines and liquors we use to brew each flavor. So, instead of smelling our lip butter, try some on then lick your lips. If it isn't in our fruit bowl, herb closet or spice cupboard, we don't use it as a fragrance or flavor.


Sometimes people will experience a 'grainy' texture that happens to their lip butter. This is perfectly normal. It happens when your lip butter gets too cool at some point, it goes away when the butter gets warmed up all the way through once again. This is caused by the cocoa, mango and shea butters inside getting cooler. These granules are actually not grainy when used, if you rub the lip butter on your lips or skin, the granules will melt away and be just as creamy as the day you purchased the lip butter. Our lotion bars, body butters and lip butters do not go bad, they last an amazingly long time. If ever you do not like the consistency of a product due to cooling or freezing, simply warm the product up very slowly.


These are the most decadent and rich lip butters you will ever try. The only reason you will have for applying more than once or twice a day after regular use will be because you love the flavor, not because your lips have gone dry. Emphasize our use of the word butter in the name, these are lip butters not balm; treat them like butter and never put them in your pocket next to the skin, not even on a cool day. They melt at around 120+ degrees which make them very soft at 95-100.


Our current Lip butter flavors are:


Apple Fritter


Black Raspberry (Raspberry, Sweet & Fruity)


Black Rum


Cherry Bliss (Five delightful different cherries in one)


Cherry Limeade


Coconut Cream


Dragon Mint (triple distilled peppermint)


Dreamsicle (orange/vanilla)


Fire & Ice (cinnamon & peppermint)


Ginger Orange (Orange with a ginger bite)


Ginger Peach (A peachy ginger)


Green Tea - Light, sweetened young green tea leaves.


Honey Comb - Straight from the hive, warm and sweet.


Honey Mango (Just that, Honey & Mango)


Lavender Vanilla Premium blue lavender with Madagascar vanilla bean.


Lemongrass & Spearmint (Jamaican lemongrass with a hard hit of spearmint)


Mandarin Mint


Melonious Monk (three melons & pear)


Mimosa (Peaches, oranges & a taste of bubbly)


OMG - Tastes from the master chandlers grandmother's kitchen as a child.


Piña Colada (coconut, pineapple and Jamaican spiced rum)


Pink Sugar (Cotton candy, vanilla, & fig)


Pumpkin Spice Cider (Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice, & Yum)


Red Hot Cinnamon - If melting red hots on your lips could moisturize, this is what it would taste like.


RedRum -


Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Shortcake


Sugared Rose - Burnt sugar and rose hips


Summer Sangria (wines & fruits)


Sunshine (citrus/spice)


Vanilla Bean (Madagascar vanilla beans)

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