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Ordering Policy


Because we are a handmade company with some custom options, making a cart selection and configuring the shopping cart to price some of these options is more trouble than one would imagine. We have created a few options around these bumps in the modern computing market to better accommodate our handmade lines and custom products. A few options and discounts available on our web site will not be reflected in the price and total in your shopping cart and checkout. Instead, the discount or added cost option will be added to the order by our order department personnel after you check out and before your card is charged.


After placing an order on our web site, you will first receive an order confirmation email showing the same total in your checkout shopping cart. If your order qualifies for any added optional charges or discounts our order personnel will create a new total, email you a notice and confirmation email, then charge your card. Your credit card is never automatically charged on our web site by any kind of automated system or third party software. We examine every order and we charge every order.


Candle Color Choice Price Additions


Candles can have several different color options in certain styles. The cost of these additions is not added in the shopping cart but added after you place your order. Custom color creations will cost an additional 15% -or- $20.00 whichever is less.


If you choose one of these color options, the added cost will be added to your total after checkout and you will receive a second email with the new total.


Lotion Bar Discounts


Every third bar of our lotion bars, premium lotion bars or body butter, in any combination, is $4.00 off. The discount WILL NOT be reflected in your cart or checkout. We take this discount off after we receive your order and before it is charged. You will receive an updated amount in email.


Purchase, Shipping & Returns Policy


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover & Amex on our web site and all of our shops.


Ohio orders must include your county and the appropriate sales tax will be added.


We have a minimum order policy of $25.00 or more. Credit card sales at our shows also run through our web company and therefore are subject to the $25.00 minimum. If you would like to purchase a smaller amount please see us at one of our show locations and bring cash.


Accepted returns for products to be refunded will receive a full refund minus shipping costs, upon receipt of returned product. No returns will be processed or refunded without first obtaining return authorization from our order department. To contact our order department regarding a problem with your order or to exchange or return an item, reply to the order confirmation email you receive after placing your order or use our contact form on this web site.


Though we offer a full product guarantee we reserve the right to refuse any return or order for any reason. Please choose your products wisely and accordingly. We reserve the right to alter or change these policies at any time.





Below are some commonly asked questions we receive.


My lip butter has little granules in it that weren't there when I bought it, is it still good?


Yes, this is perfectly normal. It happens when your lip butter gets too cool at some point, and it goes away when the butter gets warmed up all the way through once again. This is caused by the cocoa, mango and shea butters inside getting cooler. These granules are actually not grainy when used, if you rub the lip butter on your lips or skin, the granules will melt away and be just as creamy as the day you purchased the lip butter. Our lotion bars, body butters and lip butters do not go bad, and they last an amazingly long time. If ever you do not like the consistency of a product due to cooling or freezing, simply warm the product up very slowly.




My candle is getting moldy, why?


This is not mold, in fact it is something wonderful. Over time, beeswax naturally produces a whitish film on the outside of the candle. This is called ‘bloem’ or ‘bloom’ and is simply a natural tannin that is exuded from the wax. It is named apis mellifera, also called beeswax absolute, and it is, in simple terms, the essential oil/wax derived from beeswax.


Beeswax absolute is very expensive, very concentrate and it takes a large amount of beeswax just to yield a few ounces of this substance from very rich beeswax. Beeswax absolute is 100% all natural, when it 'sweats' from your candle. You can get rid of it by handling your candle with warm hands and then wiping on your skin or face, after all this is one of the substances that makes beeswax superior for cosmetics. You can also use a hair dryer on a low setting to warm the parts of your candle showing the bloem. Watch as the bloem disappears and the candle takes on a shining appearance and notice the aroma.




How long should my candle wick be?


1/4 of an inch is the best suggestion though some candles can have a slightly longer wick when properly maintained and burned. We suggest sticking to 1/4 of an inch until you are very familiar with burning beeswax.




Your shop at my local renaissance festival sells handmade brooms, incense, fragrance oils, and other merchandise, can I buy these online?


Yes, in a manner of speaking. We do make these and many other items, many just as high quality as our online and wax chandler products. Some are more of a hobby, like playing an instrument would be, and others just do not pay their rent as a craft. We offer them because we make them for friends and family, therefore we make extra to share with our patrons at some shows. The brooms you see at every shop are available. You can use the contact us tab at the top of this page to special order any broom we typically make or to order a custom built broom. The same manner can be used to inquire about our incense and other goods. Oils are not available in the off season, and they are usually exclusively available at the Ohio Renaissance Festival for the time being.




Some wild man in New Orleans dressed in all tie dyes at the Jazz Festival - OR - Some crazy guy who accosted me in a restaurant or club in New Orleans - gave me this really cool lip balm, but  I cannot find it on this web site.  How do I buy more?


You have been given our standard lip butters, simply relabeled and renamed for the special Jazz Fest celebration on that year. Tie Dye Guy is our mascot in a way. He can be seen in head to toe tie dyes any day at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival each year, or dressed in his plain clothes (but with a tie dye bandana around his wrist, and everyone's wrist in his group) at the best restaurants and club shows around the city all night during the same week. The lip butters he gives away differ each year, but if you cannot figure it out by comparing the name to the current flavor list, use the contact us tab at the top of the page. Send us the name of the lip butter you were given and we will let you know which one it was.

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