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Hand Dipped Beeswax Candles

These candles are molded, rolled or hand built & dipped pillar candles. These are built by dipping into the wax repeatedly. This creates a smoothing even effect over most of the candles surface, though every one of these candles has a unique drip or dip.

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* Extra charges for colored candles WILL NOT be reflected in your cart or checkout. We add this amount after we receive your order, before it is charged. You will receive an updated amount in email.

Colored candles of this style, look best when the added color(s) are only over poured rather than a completely solid dye. Occasionally we get caught up at the shows and can play in our workshops and make new color and style creations. These are offered at the shows and to online customers as available.


We do not like impurities in our wax more than absolutely needed so our colored candles, when offered, are all 100% natural golden beeswax that has been dipped in the colored wax. This way when the candle burns no impurities are being burnt into the air. If you want colored candles, they are special order and in off season can take longer to produce.


The dyes used for our five basic colors are our own natural dye creations. Many others can be made naturally and those that can require only a very small amount of alternate candle dyes. In all cases, the dyes we use are specially made with beeswax to not pollute our batches.



Colors and their descriptions


 - Red          - Dark, a cross between blood & roses.


 - Blue          - A dull and dark shade of blue like the sea.


 - Green       - Dark like emeralds & moss.


 - Purple       - A very dark royal rich purple.


 - Orange      - A cross between the inside of a peach and the outside of a pumpkin.


 - Custom      +15% -or- $20.00 whichever is less. Custom colors can be done. We do not color match, but we get the color you're looking for undeniably. Bright colors, pastels and so on can be accomplished. They cost more due to use of certain synthetics in some cases, smaller batches and the need for extra time.

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