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Beeswax is the core raw material used in our trade. Like the wax chandlers of old, we focus on the purity of the beeswax as a primary concern in our work. Nearly everything we create is either made from beeswax or made for use with our beeswax crafts. While we are popular for our lotions, soaps and cosmetics, beeswax candles are the bulk of what we do.


Are beeswax candles more expensive? By the pound, yes. Absolutely, it is the most expensive wax by the pound used in heavy production. By the hour, no. When beeswax is burned, it is one of the least expensive candles, because of how long it burns. With beeswax you get a candle one third the size of many store brands for the same price, yet when burned it lasts up to ten times longer than its equal priced counterparts made from paraffin and soy. Add in the warm natural inoffensive honey scent and the lack of smoke and soot, beeswax quickly becomes obvious as the best candle choice, economically and practically.


We are very much like an old world wax chandler, with the exception of much added creativity. Our candles, like many of our goods, not only last longer, smell better, and are better for you and your homes and families, they make you feel good to use. Burning one of our candles is a whole new experience in candle burning. We provide a few pages of instructions here for this reason. If you are new to beeswax candles, read our candle instructions, either on this site or the flyer that comes with your order, the instructions are to insure you get the best enjoyment and use from your candle.


All of our candles are 100% pure beeswax. The beeswax is taken from our own beehives or exclusive trusted sources & every candle is completely handmade. Our pure unadulterated beeswax with our handmade wicking make these candles the best you can burn. We create many different styles and kinds of candles but all share a few common traits.  A few of the most important styles of our candles are explained and pictured here. Every candle we offer for sale has an average burn time listed on it as well as its size.









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Our wicking, a delicate combination of selected hemp strands, mullein and more, is all handmade, twisted on a Da Vinci rope spindle as it would have been in centuries past. Every wick is gauged for the size of the candle it is in, so every candle burns to the edge, then down. You are never left with a big chunk of wax and a hole down the middle or worse, a big puddle of wax all over your table due to improper wicking. Our wicking will also burn many times longer than the wax in the candle, giving you the option of longer than listed burn times by feeding wax to our wider candles while they burn. Every candle we create is handmade and unique and all but our tapers contain our handmade wicking, even our t-lites & votives have the handmade wick.


The most common wax used in candles today is paraffin which is a waste byproduct of turning crude oil into diesel gasoline. They take the black sludge left over from that process; they bleach it with chlorine and filter it, then add a few chemicals to it so it will solidify and be semi-flammable again. If you have ever noticed black smoke coming off your paraffin candle it is comparable to that coming from a truck’s exhaust pipe.


The cheapest candles typically found in the big retail stores in this area cost about 40 cents per hour to burn. Plus this candle is made from paraffin, so it always leaves you with the same result, a big chunk of wax with a hole down the middle and a smear of soot around your home. The main reason they scent big retail candles is because the paraffin wax itself stinks, being a diesel waste byproduct that has been bleached. Before the 1980’s candles were a practical item seldom used or needed, the oil companies started scenting the wax in order to increase candle sales to unload their waste material.


By comparison, our most expensive candle is our small hand dripped pillars and they cost about 18 cents an hour to burn. Our candles burn to the edge and then down, they do not smoke, soot or drip and they create no soot in your home. You will never have soot stains on your walls, drapes and upholstery due to your beeswax candles burning. The only time our beeswax candles will smoke is when lit, snuffed or if the flame gets too high causing the fire to ‘burn off’ the wax rather than being fueled by the wax through the wick.


We do offer colored candles in some styles. We do not like impurities in our wax more than absolutely needed so our colored candles, when offered, are all 100% natural golden beeswax that has been dipped in the colored wax. This way when the candle burns no impurities are being burnt into the air. If you want colored candles, they are special order and in off season can take longer to produce. If you have us make you a custom color is an added +15% or $20.00 whichever is less.


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