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Beeswax Body Butters

These are our crème de la crème version of lotion gone luxury and beauty cream. Where our lotion bars are designed to best any lotion, beauty cream or moisturizer, these bars are modeled after the highest end $100 + per ounce anti- aging, anti-scarring & anti-stretch mark creams.

Every third bar (of our lotion bar, premium lotion bar or body butter in any combination) is $4.00 off.

$25.95 each

Body butters come wrapped in colored foil, and they have a different base formula from our lotion bars containing: beeswax, avocado oil, raw yellow shea butter, mango butter, macadamia nut oil, pumpkin seed oil, cocoa-butter, & wheat germ (vitamin E). The macadamia nut oil contains a similar palmitoleic acid as that the skin produces which encourages growth & regeneration rather than exfoliation. We use oils that, over time, are known to help rejuvenate & heal the skin as well as help in prevention of thinning skin all better than any beauty cream on the market.


Like our premium lotion bars, these are made with natural essential oils added for their antiseptic & conditioning properties on the skin. While we hope the fragrance is appealing, the quality and properties of the essential oils are the key ingredients affecting both the superior quality of these creams and their higher price.

Our body butters come in five different formulae at this time. It is important to note, these recipes are not made with any consideration of the fragrance. They have the oils they contain because of the suggested benefits of the essential oils inside and these essential oils are what our customers have asked for. We hope you find the scent pleasing for these all natural bars. None of these bars smell like candy, fruit or a snack however. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. You are getting one of the body butters because you want the added essential oils for what you want on your skin, not because it may smell pretty.


Our body butter selections are:


Moon Butter – Our moon butter in the pink foil contains our French 40/42 lavender essential oil. The lavender combined with the oils in the bar are a very close match to the higher end boutique anti aging-creams. This bar is very mild & gentle.


Dragon Butter – Our dragon butter in the red foil contains a premium Australian tea tree oil & steam distilled lime fruit essential oil. This bar is a higher end creation modeled after our Dragon’s Breath lotion bar. The high dose of tea tree is antiseptic, antibacterial & anti-fungal while the lime fruit is all of these plus bactericidal, restorative & tonic as well as cleansing & refreshing. This bar is what many of our patrons in the medical field, especially nurses prefer. This bar is often the choice by customers for cracked heels and hands. Many turn to it for bites, stings, small cuts, scrapes. This bar is also a favorite for those with eczema and other skin conditions.


Sun Butter – Our sun butter, bar in the orange foil, contains kanuka tea tree oil from New Zealand, the best tea tree in the world, with light citrus oils. Like our other tea tree oils this one has very high antiseptic, antibacterial & antifungal qualities and is second to none in fighting & preventing infection while the citrus oils are all of these as well as cleansing, tonic & refreshing. The oils in this bar are those used in expensive anti-scarring, anti-acne & oily skin creams.


Earth Butter – Our earth butter, in the green foil, contains the same kanuka tea tree oil as the sun butter with a 3 year old aged Indian dark patchouli essential oil. Besides the properties of the tea tree oil the patchouli is anti-inflammatory, fungicidal & astringent. The oils in this bar are used in the best anti-stretch mark creams and creams for aged scarring.


Lotion Bars & Body Butters - Storage & Care - Click here for our Storage & Care PDF


Our beeswax lotion bars & body butters are known for lasting far longer than bottled and liquid lotions as well as other solid lotions and creams. With proper care and storage it is very easy to keep the bars from losing their fragrance or effectiveness even over long periods of time.

Whether you use your lotion every day or once a month, keep it with you, or leave it at home on your lotion table or beside the bed, you should always keep your lotion covered. The wax and oils can collect dust that falls onto the bar. This dust could then be added to your bar and eventually it could degrade the bar. If they ever do get left out and collect dust, simply wipe it down with a paper towel.


We recommend storing your lotion bars/body butters in a covered candy dish or a simple plastic traveling soap case. These cost $1.50 or less in most drug stores, and we offer them at our shops and online. Any type of closed container will do. There is no need for it to be completely air tight, just keep the dust off and in a cool place. PLEASE KEEP YOUR LOTION BARS AND BODY BUTTERS OUT OF YOUR PUPPIES REACH!





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