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We make many items like this but those on this page became so popular they had to be added to our normal lineup.

Beeswax Troubadour Salve


Beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, tea tree, mint, patchouli, orange and macadamia make up this wondrous salve. Good for the hands, a perfect moisturizer for callouses, this balm is adored by musicians with strings or skins. Not only is this an exceptional rejuvenator and moisturizer for your hands, it is safe and even good for your natural skins and the wood on your fretboards. Good for both the musician and the instrument. One four ounce jar usually lasts for six months to a year.



Beeswax Mustache Wax


We call it Mustachio Waxio. Working at renaissance festivals around the country, this was always a popular request. It took many tries, lots of experimentation and feedback but we came up with something that seems to please even those with long bars and more.

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